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The Back and Forth, Continuous-Motion, Non-Stop Swing Drill

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

In the 1950s, Ed Sullivan had one of the most popular TV shows, and this episode had Ben Hogan demonstrating one of his practice drills.

This drill is the forgotten, buried, secret weapon to

unlock your potential!

Since I found this old video clip, this has become my all-time favorite practice drill, that I use and recommend to all of my clients!

Start with a slow swing-speed! Keep swinging Back & Forth without stopping as you increase your swing speed and your swing radius, just like Ben does. When you make a full swing, are you able to maintain your balance? Can you hold your finish position in a pose for several seconds?

Most Golfers need to learn how to swing in Balance!

If you can't swing in balance, you need the Acculine Swing Trainer!

I designed the weighted Acculine Swing Trainer to be used with this Back and Forth Swing Drill! The Acculine Swing Trainer will amplify the Problems in your swing and help you understand what changes you need to work on, and will also help you know what your are doing correctly!

The weighted swing trainer adds more impact to the effects you “Feel” during the drill:

  1. If you are off-balance with a regular golf club, you will be even more off-balance when you use the heavier Acculine Swing Trainer.

  2. The heavier weight helps you break your swing into important separate segments that make up the entire swing.

  3. You will learn which parts of the swing your'e are doing correctly and which segments need to be changed.

    1. When you get it "Right", you will “Know” emphatically that your swing and setup are correct!

    2. You will learn faster and be able to understand precisely what changes you need to make.

  4. This drill will help you learn the best setup positions for your physical body characteristics that will enable you to swing more effectively and with less pain!

We’re all still searching for the swing that works Best for each of us!

We’ve hit thousands of balls on the practice range and during play. We’ve tried new techniques and new swings, only to find they don’t always work or apply to us. We’ve searched for more distance and better accuracy. We’ve learned to play the shots we can make and accept that we can’t truly fix the problem shots that plaque us; the hook that shows up on tight fairways with hazards on the left side, the slice that is worse on holes that have fairways that turn left, the chronically low trajectory shot that doesn’t get high enough when there is a hazard to carry, ...

You Have made thousands of golf swings to get where you are now, Unfortunately, it will take thousands of Proper golf swings to change your muscle memory to get to a more reliable, repeatable, effective golf swing.

  • The Acculine Swing Trainer and The Acculine Golf Pucks Alignment system when used together provide the tools that will turn your swing around!

With the Acculine Swing Trainer:

  • Learn Balance. This is the fundamental key to developing an effective swing.

  • Learn to Find the Bottom of your Natural Swing Arc! Where to place the ball in your stance!

  • Learn to hit the center of your clubface! Get more consistent ball flight and better distance.

  • Learn to Find your Best setup Position! For your body and physical capabilities!

  • Learn how to Skip-The-Rock! To learn how to swing Inside-Out instead of Over-The-Top

  • Learn how to get more power!

Use the Acculine Golf Pucks System to Configure setups for your Specific Needs:

  • A Ball Alignment Guide Rod (used to set accurate foot placement relative to the ball),

  • A Foot Alignment Guide Rod (used to set the foot setup angle and check knees, hips, and shoulder alignments),

  • A Downswing Path Alignment Guide rod directly in line with the ball (providing a visual guide for the Downswing Path here, set at a 20-degree angle),

  • A Follow-Through Swing Path

  • A Target path and Backswing path directly in line with the ball.

Starting with slow swing speeds, you will be able to follow the swing paths you need to learn. As you increase the swing speed, you will learn to stay on these swing paths and start applying faster downswing speed and feel the increased power through the hitting zone. You will develop a more Balanced Swing with more Power, Accuracy and Distance!

What separates the Acculine Swing Trainer

from other swing training devices:

  • The Brass Ball is visually easier to See! (It works better for self-evaluation slow motion video, It is easer to see your swing paths, It is easier to see where your Swing Arc Bottoms-Out!)

  • The weight fits the majority of golfers: male, female, young, old, tall, short, athletic, arthritic, ...

  • The length provides the right “Feel” throughout the entire swing path

    • We experimented with various shaft lengths

      • position your hands down the grip to simulate using shorter clubs (Choke down on the grip)

      • longer became cumbersome to achieve the best results

  • The heavier weight at the end of the shaft imparts the Magical “Feel” of the swing.

  • The shaft is a golf shaft; it is not whippy! You don’t have to wait for it during the swinging motion!

  • It is not a solid rod, so it imparts the “Feel” or weight at the end of the shaft; the shaft isn’t too heavy.

  • The round ball is a tremendous advantage; it doesn’t dig in because there are no sharp edges! (it glides on the ground during a swing)

  • It doesn’t have sliding parts, so you can slow down the swing to sense or “Feel” different swing changes that affect different segments of the swing! The weight stays in place!

  • Feedback from all of our golf testers and early adopters tell us that The Acculine Swing Trainer is the most effective pre-round warm-up tool they've ever used

There are several articles in stages of development that will explore many of the benefits of the Swing Trainer, look for future blogs that provide more information on how to:

  • Find your Balance

  • Find the bottom of your Swing Arc

  • Find your optimum setup position

  • Achieve more Effective, more Accurate Swing Paths

  • "Skip-The-Rock" for a more effective way of starting your Downswing

  • Hit the Center of the clubface

  • Generate the most effective power in your swing

  • Learn more about effective weight transfer and body positions throughout the swing

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1 Comment

I have been using the swing trainer daily for about 6 weeks and it has made a huge difference in my swing and overall golf game. I have had an issue with my back since my 20s and have had multiple herniated disks which I have dealt with through physical therapy, avoiding surgery. It seems like every time my game would start coming around I would get another back injury. I found that the transition move that I used in my swing aggravated my back issue.

I started using the swing trainer and noted that I had to change my posture, namely standing up more erect, and noticed that I had much better balance. I did the recommended constant motio…

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