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Golf Puck THE Training Aide for National Junior Golf Training Program

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

We’re excited to announce that the Junior golf training program has made Golf Puck the foundation of their training program. The CEO of Junior Golf Training met with Golf Puck Inventor Ken Christopherson and was overwhelmed at how successful and fast the Golf Puck system was at conveying, teaching and training the basic principles of setup, aim, alignment, and the mechanics of the Golf Swing. Better than any training aide he has ever worked with! He said, “It is simple to set up, use and teach with”.

Junior Golfers love to go out and just swing away and hit a ball. To them it’s like hitting a baseball or kicking a soccer ball, they just swing and hit it hard. It’s mostly about the eye-hand coordination connecting with what they can see. It isn’t until we get more mature and realize that it’s also about hitting that little white ball solid and square in such a way that it flies where we want it to go, with the precision to go the right distance. That’s when we become aware of the importance of aim and alignment. Setting up the same precise way with every shot, so we can replicate the elusive perfect swing.

Golf Puck helps them learn to become accurate and consistent in their set up position.

Once junior golfers understand that ball placement is critical, they readily pick up on the concept of consistent aim and alignment. Golf Puck is perfect for this purpose. Set the Ball alignment guide rod at 90 degrees to the Foot Alignment Guide Rod and then lock it in place. The Junior Golfer can kick it or step on it or hit it with his club, and its easily slid back into place for aiming right back at the desired target without need to re-square the two guide rods to each other and painstakingly re-align to the target.

The third shorter Alignment Guide rod that comes with the Golf Puck, can be used as a vertical aide (simple insert it vertically into one of the holes in the ends of the Golf Puck) to view hand position or check impact position with video. Or it can be laid on the ground to demonstrate the path they may need to learn for backswing, downswing, or follow-through.

It’s simple to set up and simple to use for demonstrating multiple points that by illustration are easier for a junior to visualize and understand.

Juniors don’t want complex; they want simple and fun and Golf Puck keeps it simple so they can have fun.

“With the Junior golfers I’ve worked with, I notice one of the first things that they have to learn is a consistent, repetitive alignment and position to the ball. Most just stand up the ball without regard to aligning the same every time. Sometimes they reach too far or not enough, or they have their feet aligned willy-nilly (right or left of the target line, or they don’t care that for one shot the ball is aligned with their front foot, while the next shot they’ve aligned with the ball back towards their back foot).“
-Ken Christopherson, Golf Puck Inventor
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