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Looking to improve your golf game? The Acculine Golf Puck 1 Puck Aim & Alignment System can help you achieve precise aim and alignment with every club in your golf bag. This innovative tool has two adjustable alignment guide rods that ensure an accurate setup for each shot. Here are the key features of the Acculine Golf Puck:


  • Versatile Alignment System: The Golf Puck has two adjustable alignment guide rods that help you set up your shot precisely.
  • Rotatable Design: The top and bottom halves of the Golf Puck rotate independently, allowing for easy angle adjustments. The locking knob ensures the rods' position is securely set.
  • Quick 90-Degree Alignment: The Golf Puck has a simple hole mechanism that lets you quickly align the guide rods at a 90-degree angle using a golf tee. This is ideal for locking the rods in place.
  • Compact Storage: The guide rods of the Acculine Golf Puck can be rotated parallel, making it easy to store in your golf bag.
  • Adaptable for All Clubs: Whether you're using your driver, irons, wedges, or any other club, the Acculine Golf Puck can help you improve your aim and alignment putter, the Golf Puck is flexible for every part of your game, including driving, chipping, and putting.
  • Consistent Setup: With every club, achieve a repeatable setup position, ensuring square shoulders and clubface, consistent ball position, and accurate target alignment.
  • Portable and Versatile: Once configured, the entire unit locks in position and can be easily moved to various locations and lies, including divot-free areas, bunkers, and different terrains.


Start with the 1 Puck system and expand as needed. Transform your golf practice today with the Acculine Golf Puck 1 Puck System!

Golf Alignment Guide - 1 Puck System

  • If you’re not satisfied for any reason simply return the package within 30 days for a full, no-questions refund.

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