The Invention of the Golf Puck System.

As a master clubfitter, Ken Christopherson has spent 30 years listening to people complain about their golf games. They’d come to him for custom clubs, thinking that would solve all their problems. So Ken would build them a set and send them on their way.

But he was always left wishing he could help them with the fundamentals that were sorely missing. Namely, poor aim and alignment.

"You can’t do a good clubfitting without seeing how the customer is setting up to the ball" Ken said. "And what I found was, most people are all over the place. They never set-up the same way twice, so they’re always going to struggle."

So Ken set out to invent the most complete, most sophisticated aim and alignment system on the market. He took the idea of standard golf aiming rods and elevated it to a whole new level. 

After two and half years of R&D Ken introduced his Golf Puck aim and alignment system. Made entirely in America, with American steel and his own ingenuity, Golf Puck promises to make you a better ball striker and a better putter.

Just train to aim.

Golf Puck™

PGA Instructor and Lifetime Member, John Gunby, was the first to beta test the Acculine Golf Puck™ system (Patent Pending). It wasn't long before he was recommending it to all his students and fellow PGA Instructors.

Check out the setup videos above to learn more about how PGA Instructor John Gunby uses the world's most effective golf swing trainer.

John Gunby (right) receiving the 2017 Champion of Golf Award from the Arizona Golf Association “In recognition of selfless lifetime service to the game of golf in Arizona”


Frequently asked questions

I'm a beginner, how will this system help me?

A beginner? For starters, welcome to the wonderful game of golf! The best thing about being a beginner is the speed at which you will learn and progress. The hardest thing for beginners is learning accurate alignment of your body to the target and learning the proper aim of your clubface at address. The first time you stand over the Golf Puck system, you will be amazed at the crystal clarity of your swing path and body alignment. Why do you think even pro golfers keep painting lines on the grass or using old-fashioned alignment rods? Because the feedback is incredible. Unfortunately, however, those old methods are slow, tedious and not accurately repeatable.

Why do the guide rod lengths vary?

The varying guide rod lengths of each system are part of our Intelligent Design that keeps the system compact, deliberate and convenient. You'll find our guide rods thoughtfully varied, so you can perfectly set up the system in countless configurations without unnecessary lengths getting in your way. Traditional alignment rods are 48 inches long and almost twice the weight of Acculine Guide Rods, which is part of the reason they are cumbersome and less functional. The Guide rods are 42", 36", 30", 24", 18" and 15" long. The 4 Puck sytems has 8 guide rods, specifically designed to provide the best use of the intended applications this set will provide. Our entire guide rod set fits in the included storage tube and travels perfectly in your golf bag's club slot.

What's the correct way to set up my system?

The 4 Puck system is modular and designed so that you can customize it to your individual needs. However, there are some great setup ideas to get you started in the right direction inside the included owner's manual as well as in our training and setup videos, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with our growing library of training and setup videos.

I have more unanswered questions! What should I do?

By all means, ask away. We are here to help you get started. We want to help you get the most out of your Acculine Golf Pucks system. If you are nervous about how to use the system, the "Product Descriptions and Uses" owners manual that comes with your system will address most of your questions. Also, be sure to check out the videos. If you need additional help, feel free to contact us at Also, your order has an unconditional return policy for 30 days, so click the BUY NOW button, place your risk-free order and see for yourself. Nothing beats first-hand experience. Don't be a stranger to your full potential, it's time to say, "Hello!" to lower scores with the Acculine Golf Pucks™ (Patent Pending) system.

Built to Last!

100% sourced & manufactured in the United States of America!

  • Our Golf Pucks are made from durable polycarbonate with UV protection and are intended to last a lifetime.

  • Our guide rods are fiberglass with built-in UV protection, and they’re about half the weight of traditional alignment rods.

  • Stainless steel bolts and washers stand up better to weather.

  • Thermoset plastic locking knobs for more comfortable use.


The AcculineGolf Pucks™ (Patent Pending) system components are proudly packaged and shipped by Yavapai Exceptional Industries, which means your purchase supports adults with disabilities.

Giving Back
Community Support From Golf Puck

We proudly support the work being done at two important organizations in Prescott, Arizona. Every Golf Puck product purchase contributes to YEI and House of Hope.

YEI! provides Adults with Disabilities an opportunity to work, have companionship and a place to live if needed. (Disabilities range from total blindness, to physical disabilities to mental disorders). Our friends at YEI do all our pick, pack and ship work, and they do it very well. <Read more about this great oganization. 


The House of Hope 316 is a 10-bedroom duplex in Prescott Valley, AZ, that provides housing, food and hope to elderly men and women of low income who might otherwise be homeless.   <Read more about House of Hope.