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The Invention of the Golf Puck System.

As a master clubfitter, Ken Christopherson has spent 30 years listening to people complain about their golf games. They’d come to him for custom clubs, thinking that would solve all their problems. So Ken would build them a set and send them on their way.

But he was always left wishing he could help them with the fundamentals that were sorely missing. Namely, poor aim and alignment.

"You can’t do a good clubfitting without seeing how the customer is setting up to the ball" Ken said. "And what I found was, most people are all over the place. They never set-up the same way twice, so they’re always going to struggle."

So Ken set out to invent the most complete, most sophisticated aim and alignment system on the market. He took the idea of standard golf aiming rods and elevated it to a whole new level. 

After two and half years of R&D Ken introduced his Golf Puck aim and alignment system. Made entirely in America, with American steel and his own ingenuity, Golf Puck promises to make you a better ball striker and a better putter.

Just train to aim.