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I use the Golf Puck system in all my lessons. It’s the best tool I have to help ingrain those fundamental ideas of aim and alignment. I don’t know what I’d do without it.“

John Gunby, PGA Professional

The Golf Puck aim and alignment system really helps me visualize what’s going on with my golf swing.  When I use that, in conjunction with video analysis, I get the perfect feedback I need to make meaningful, positive changes in my swing."

Kim Haddow, LPGA Life Member

I love this system! The best thing is that it helps me make the most of my practice time.”

Judith Hinds, 20x Club Champion

I finally learned how to hit a draw! The Golf Puck system helped me understand the changes I needed to make in my set up, and now I’ve dropped 10 strokes off my average score. It’s the greatest tool I’ve used in my 20 years of playing the game.”

Josh White, 13 Handicap

Golf Puck stays in my bag at all times. It’s really helped me with my ball striking… I make better contact with the ball on every swing I make. I’d highly recommend a Golf Puck system to everyone”

Stuart Birch, PGA Professional

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