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Getting Started: Setting Up an Acculine Golf Pucks System

The Golf Puck has vertical ports (Anchor Holes) opposite each other in tab like structures that make up a longer dimension from one end to the other.

1). Always Orient the Golf Pucks with the longer dimension parallel to your foot, (running the same direction).

2). Insert the guide rods that are aimed in the direction of the target (parallel to your shoulders, hips and knees) in one of the Lower Rod Inserts (lower level ports) of the Golf Puck. This way, all of the guide rods, used in a setup, that are in line with the target are in the same plane.

3). A guide rod that is perpendicular to the target line (parallel to your foot, or extending away from your body) should be inserted in one of the Upper Rod Inserts (upper level ports) of a Golf Puck. This way, all of the guide rods oriented in this direction are at the same plane in the Pucks.

Lower Level Ports house all of the guide rods that run Parallel to your shoulders, hips and knees.

Upper Level Ports house all of the guide rods that run Parallel to the length of your foot.

4). Establish the habit of orienting all of the Pucks used in a setup in the same direction (longer dimension parallel to your foot)

5). The Acculine Golf Pucks were designed so that Guide Rods could be set at any angle to each other on each Puck, independent of the angles set on any other Puck in a setup configuration, and then locked in place so that the guide rods don't move.

6). Once locked in place, the Guide Rods won't move out of position when inadvertently nudged, kicked or hit. They can be moved as a unit to a fresh area of grass (free of divots) or sand (in a bunker) or to a different orientation or target, without needing to separately re-align each guide rod.

4 Golf Pucks Configuration for use with a Driver, Fairway wood, Hybrid, or Iron, using guide rods for a Target Line (directly in line with the ball & Target), the Downswing Path, Ball Alignment and Foot Alignment.

4 Golf Pucks Putting Configuration, with guide rods for Foot Alignment, Ball Alignment/Putting Gate, Outer Putter Gate, and Target Line (directly in line with the ball & Target).

One of the shorter Guide Rods [15" or 18" (supplied in the 4 Puck System)] can be placed/inserted in one of the Anchor Holes and it will stand vertically. This enables the vertical rod to be used to help align the hands during the setup & swing, set/check shaft lean, and determine the extent of hand and hip movement when using slow motion video.

A setup configuration using a Sand Wedge with an open face angle to accomplish a higher launch and more bounce, and set using an open stance orientation. A short Guid Rod is set to align the leading edge of the clubface in the open face angle relative to an open stance where the feet are aligned left of the target.

This photo demonstrates a 1 Puck System in use: 1) The Foot Alignment Guide Rod is set point running parallel to the toes of both feet, in the direction of the target path, 2) The Ball Alignment Guide Rod is set to point at the ball, and be at 90 degrees to the Foot Alignment Guide Rod, the Ball Alignment Guide rod is used to help set the position that works best for you to place the ball precisely between your feet. The Ball Alignment Guide Rod can be set to specific distances from the ball and the Foot Alignment Guide Rod to set the distance to stand from the ball for each club.

The Ball Alignment Guide rod can be used to check the alignment of the Clubface for Open, Closed or Square. The Ball Alignment Guide Rod is used to check alignment of the clubface for Woods, Hybrids, Irons, Wedges and especially for the Putter!

With the Ball Alignment Guide Rod in place, the ball positioned appropriately in your stance, and with the club set in the address position; simply slide the club back towards you until it is next to the Ball Alignment Guide Rod, and check and adjust the clubface alignment. (When the leading edge of the clubface is parallel to the Guide Rod it is in a square alignment position). Then slide it forward to the address position. You are now ready to make your swing.

A 1 Puck System folded to parallel and stowed conveniently, ready for easy deployment the next time it's needed.

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