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Don’t let lousy aim and inconsistent set-up sabotage your golf swing.

We took the world’s most universally accepted training aid
and made it dramatically better.

Aiming sticks locked together with a golf puck is better and much more effective than one random stick by itself.

Get consistent, repeatable set-up and alignment every time.

Learn Precise, Aim, Alignment, and Optimum Ball Placement to make your practice Repeatable and your Ball-Striking Consistently the Best it can be . Be precise with your aim and alignment. Set the angles on your three aiming sticks to make sure:


  • The clubface is square with the target line.

  • Your feet are set properly… parallel to the target line.

  • Perfect ball position for any club in the bag.

  • Shoulders square.


The Golf Puck system trains you to set up precisely the same way every time. For drives, iron shots, bunker shots or for putts.


Train to Aim!  It’s a sure-fire way to set yourself up for success.

and get your set-up squared away.

Make the most of your precious practice time and set yourself up for success.


  • You get 1 patented Golf Puck connector and 3 aiming rods: 42” 36” and 18”

  • Hundreds of possible variations for all types of shots… set it up however you like.

  • Use it on the practice green, driving range, or even in bunkers.

  • Price Includes Free Shipping


Prices starting at $49.95


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