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The Acculine Golf System - Say Hello to Lower Scores!

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Ken Christopherson, the owner of Acculine Golf™, is a custom club fitter based in Prescott, AZ. He found while working with his clients that many struggled with accurate aim and alignment. To solve their problems, Ken invented two unique products.

Acculine Golf Pucks is a uniquely adaptable and modifiable alignment tool designed to allow a golfer to visualize their aim, alignment, and swing paths. Utilizing the patented “Golf Pucks,” rods of various lengths are connected and locked in place at angles that enable a golfer to position their ball more accurately in their stance and align their setup position. With the guide rods locked together, not just laid on top of each other, they can’t be inadvertently kicked or nudged out of position, and the system can easily be moved to fresh, divot-free areas.

An open stance with an open clubface angle for Bunker practice:

multiple pucks set at different angles for truly custom settings! All

settings locked, so the system can be easily moved to a fresh area

of sand. With angles fixed in place, no time wasted re-configuring

the same setup each time its moved!

Swinging in balance is another critical element of an effective, repeatable golf swing.

Ken discovered that a heavy weighted club enhanced the ability to learn to maintain balance during the golf swing. This led to the development of the Acculine Swing Trainer.

After a year of testing to find the optimal weight, length, and shaft flex: Acculine Golf™ introduces

the Acculine Swing Trainer®!

A continuous (nonstop), Back & Forth Swing Drill using the weighted swing trainer helped his clients discover a setup position that improved their swing motions and provided the most effective swing paths. A slow-motion Swing Drill enables golfers to “Feel” where their hands, hips, shoulders, and arms should be throughout the golf swing.

Steve R., is using the Acculine Swing Trainer for the first time;

These side by side videos show him discovering how to start his downswing

in a better position to enable him to generate an inside-out downswing path rather than the over the top swing that only allowed him to have an outside-in downswing path. With the heavier weighted Acculine Swing Trainer and the Acculine Golf Pucks he is able to feel and visualize a more effective swing path that eliminated his pulled shots (that went left or more often, resulted in a slice). His new swing is straight or has a slight draw.

When the Acculine Swing Trainer and the Acculine Golf Pucks® are used together, all the Acculine Golf System's potentials are unlocked. Finally, the ability to deliver a golf club on a consistent and fundamentally correct path is more easily achieved. Find the natural bottom of your swing arc! Find the best place to position your ball in your stance! Learn to hit the center of the clubface more often! Learn how to achieve the best ball flight! Learn to hit with more power. And most significantly, learn how to fix your slice effectively!

Stuart Birch, PGA Instructor, Director of Golf at the Club at Prescott Lakes;

had this to say after using the Acculine Swing Trainer for 10 minutes;

"When I first tried the Acculine Swing Trainer I was truly surprised; I couldn't swing in balance. I couldn’t maintain my balance after I swung. After swinging the Acculine Swing Trainer for just 10 minutes, in the continuous Back and Forth swing drill, I discovered several very important things that I needed to change. I found that I needed to change my posture and re-position my stance in order to swing in balance; I needed to stand 3-4 inches closer to the ball (more upright) and adopt several more degrees of secondary spine tilt. These changes enabled me to swing on a more inside-out downswing path. I also learned that I hadn’t been placing the ball at the bottom of my natural swing arc. I do now! I make better contact with the ball on every swing; I hit the exact center of the clubface 25 times in a row the first time I hit balls placed at the bottom of my swing arc! Most significantly, I now generate a more consistent clubhead speed with center of clubhead contact! With my 7 iron, my swing speed has increased 7.8 miles per hour and my carry distance went from 195-198 yards to 225 yards; without increasing my effort. And I maintain perfect balance throughout my swing.

I highly recommend Acculine Golf Pucks and the Acculine Swing Trainer to everyone!”

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