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10 Seconds To Launch

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Ever notice how little time it takes tour pros to take their stance and hit the ball. They address the ball, check their target alignment, adjust their stance, and let it rip.

Watching the pros on TV, on average, they take less than 10 seconds to take their stance, address the ball, and make a swing.

They trust that they can simply step up to the ball and have the confidence that they can hit it solidly, the same way every time.

They are not going through an extensive pre-shot checklist!

Am I standing too close or too far from the ball? Am I gripping the club correctly? Are my knees flexed enough or too much? Am I balanced front to back and side to side? Am I reaching too far? Do I have the right club to get over this hazard? How hard do I have to swing into the wind? Should I be aiming further right or more left? How much should I compensate for my slice?

Do You Trust Your Swing? Is It Exactly Repeatable Every Time?

It takes determined, consistent, repetitive, practice!

Practice the drill of setting up and hitting your golf ball in 10 seconds or less. Free Your Mind!

Achieve the ability to grip your club, take your stance and swing without thinking about any part of your setup and swing. Practice until you can trust the outcome to be the same every time.

With the Acculine Golf Pucks System, you can set the Alignment Guide Rods the same from one practice session to the next to build confidence, repeatability, and trust in your swing!

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